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Being a hero just got easier! You are someone’s hero and we want to make it easier for you to #commitforlife!

Download the Digital Donor app for iOS or Android for the best way to find a blood drive and schedule your donation.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be asked to either sign up for an account or log in:

There are three steps to signing up for an account:

  • We’ll ask for your name and birthday.
  • Then, we’ll ask for your contact information.
  • Last, you’ll create a username and password.

Once you’re inside the app, the home screen will display your Blood Type, Donor ID and Donor Reward points. You’ll also find your eligibility dates broken down into double red cells, platelets, plasma and whole blood.

Ready to set up your next appointment? Click “Schedule an appointment.” From there, you will be able to search for the closest location narrowed down by date. Anytime you want to go back to the home screen, just touch the bloodflower in the top left-hand corner. 

On the home screen, you can look up any appointments you’ve already made and check out our store, where you can spend your reward points.

Click the three dots on the top right-hand corner, and you’ll find a section titled “My Info.” You can update your account settings, which has your contact information, view past donations and test results, or pull up your Donor Card with a QR code that can be scanned at any of our locations to pull up your account.

Click here to access Digital Donor online.

The CFL Express Pass is now on our Digital Donor app, enabling you to save lives faster than the speed of light!

What is the Express Pass?


Before you can donate, you must complete a health history questionnaire. The CFL Express Pass is a benefit that allows donors to fill out those questions before they arrive for their donation. You can still complete CFL Express Pass at your home or office and print out the resulting barcodes. Bring the sheet with you to the donation site, and staff will scan the paper to retrieve your data.

IMPORTANT: Your CFL Express Pass is only valid for a donation on the same calendar day you complete the interview and print the ticket. If you arrive at the donation site with an invalid pass, you will need to retake the Health History Interview at the facility. Learn more.

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