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Host a Blood Drive

You can help save lives in our community by partnering with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to regularly host blood drives at your business, church, school, or community organization. 

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center works with groups of all different sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned and operated small businesses. The work they do impacts real people and real families every single day.   

What are the requirements to host a blood drive? 

  • Offer a suitable location, either inside your facility or outside for a donor coach. 
  • Provide a chairperson and volunteers to promote the drive and recruit donors. 
  • Pre-schedule a minimum of 30 people who have committed to donating. 

Steps to a successful blood drive: 

Organize a team of volunteers and a back-up coordinator. 

  • Set a goal. 
  • Book the room well in advance. 
  • Get support from top management at your organization. 
  • Save the date! 

Encourage donors to make appointments in advance. 

  • Use a personal approach—ask face-to-face. 
  • Be enthusiastic about saving lives. 
  • Educate about the importance of donation.  
  • Reduce fear by explaining the process.  

Create a theme. Use balloons. Bring food. 

  • Have fun—make the blood drive the main event of the day.  
  • Make it a competition. 
  • Post results—be proud of your accomplishment.  

What types of groups often host blood drives?

  • Corporations have embraced the program and annually assist in supplying a large portion of the blood supply. 
  • Churches are often known for the work they do in their communities and are saving lives in more than one way.  
  • High school students are some of our most committed donors. More than 17 percent of our donors are aged 16–18. 
  • Colleges, technical schools, and educational institutions know a life-long lesson to teach is how you can contribute to your fellow neighbors in need.  
  • Hospitals care for patients every day and know firsthand how vital blood donations are to our community.  
  • All kinds of teams that want to be heroes together! 

Ready to help save lives? 



Owen Langston, a hero who beat cancer twice!
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