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e-GRIPS: Get CE for Online Antibody Cases and More 

e-GRIPS (electronic version of Gulf Coast Regional Immunohematology Proficiency Survey) focuses on antibody cases and other blood bank topics. This program provides interactive online modules, which can be used as continuing education, as competency, or as refresher courses. e-GRIPS users save on the cost and inconvenience of traveling for continuing education. Additionally, users can enjoy interactive e-learning at their own pace - anytime and in the comfort of the location of their choice. Like GRIPS, the objectives of the online e-GRIPS are to:  

  • Increase the proficiency in each laboratory and thereby provide better patient care. 
  • Help technologists gain self-confidence in serological problem solving. 
  • Provide continuing education for users. 

The Blood Center’s full-service facilities will have access to e-GRIPS free of charge. To set up your free access, please contact Ward Scott at 

Paid individual or group subscriptions are available to all other facilities. 

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