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High school students are some of our most committed blood donors.

More than 17 percent of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center’s donors are between the ages of 16 and 18. Even after graduating, many of those students go on to become lifelong Commit for Life donors. 

The Commit for Life High School Program provides education and community outreach for young people. Hosting a successful high school blood drive is easier than you may think!

How can your high school Commit for Life?

  • Partner with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to schedule two or more blood drives per school year.
  • Host a Training and Education Program. This highly effective program empowers students to organize and manage their blood drive using tools and techniques offered by your account representative.
  • Spread the work. Working as a committee sparks new and creative ideas to improve the blood drive and allows more students to participate in this rewarding experience. 

Ready to help save lives? 

Send us your information and we will contact you about scheduling a blood drive! 

If you have additional questions, please call (713) 791-6670.

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