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Destiny is a funny thing; when I learned I could save up to three lives just by donating blood, I knew this was my way to help make a difference in the community.

I announced my mission of saving lives and stayed up all night researching the best places to donate, spent way too much time making my costume and running around the backyard testing capes. After many hours finding the right cape, I had a hearty breakfast, and was out the door ready to change the world for the better!


I dubbed myself Captain Life Force, and I spend every day working to make the community a better place, one donation at a time. (By the way, if you ever need a deal on capes, I know a guy!)


A little about me: I am the first superhero completely dedicated to donating blood and encouraging others to donate as well. Some of my hobbies are donating blood, volunteering at blood drives, and spending time with my family at blood drives. I donate regularly to not only help the community and local patients but to help advance medical research. Sometimes the family and I will all volunteer to help run a mobile blood drive on Saturdays. It's one of our ways of spending a family fun day, hero style!


Join me and my team of heroes and Commit for Life with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Follow me on Instagram, @CaptainLifeForce for more lifesaving Hijinx! 

Check me out on YouTube for more life-saving hijinx! 

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